Public organization Children’s and Youth Day Center “Mūsų nameliai”

The activities of the Children’s and Youth Day Center “Mūsų nameliai” (Our Houses) has been formed by taking into account the economic and social conditions of the micro district that Children’s and Youth Day Center is located. The Naujoji Vilnia area is one of the most socially impoverished parts of Vilnius city. Linguistic exclusion of New Vilnia multicultural community, lack of education and unemployment created social exclusion conditions.

Our mission: to influence the positive social changes in the district of Naujoji Vilnia, to represent and defend the interests of members of the socially weak community – children and adults; provide social, educational, informational and cultural support for families-children and their family members that are socially weak.

In the newly formed conditions of today’s society, the Children’s and Youth Day Center creates a model for the community, whose goals and objectives are in line with the basic needs and interests of today’s community with fewer opportunities.

At the year 2000, for the most socially excluded community groups – children and teenagers – was founded Children’s and Youth Day Center, whose main objective is to: To reduce social exclusion of children and youth from problematic families through the provision of social, psychological, informational services, development of social communication skills, the implementation of positive parenting programs for parents or guardians, also organization of socio-cultural events and other socially beneficial activities for children attending the day center and their families.