Child And Youth Day Care Centre “Mūsų nameliai” (en. ‘Our little houses’)

The direction of the daycare centre’s practices was formed due to the economic and social conditions of the district of Naujoji Vilnia. Due to the linguistic exclusion, lack of education in the multicultural community of Naujoji Vilnia and the high level of unemployment, this district is one of the most socially marginalized areas of Vilnius city. 


Our Mission

To influence positive social changes in the district;

To represent and defend the interests of the socially vulnerable groups of the community (both children and adults);

To provide social, educational, informational and cultural support to families and children from the risk environment;

In the newly formed conditions of today’s society, the Child and Youth Day Care Center create such a model for the community in which its goals and objectives meet the basic needs and interests of the marginalized communities.

The day-care centre, for socially excluded groups in the community, was established in 2000. The main objectives of its activities were: reducing the social exclusion of children and the adolescents coming from at-risk families by providing them social, psychological, and informational services; nurturing the skills of social communication; implementing positive parenting programs for child-carers; organizing socio-cultural events and other activities for the families who attend the day centre in order to reduce social exclusion in our society.

Public organization day and youth centre „Mūsų nameliai“
Gerovės st. 1, Vilnius LT-112101, Lithuania.

Phone: 852670693

Director of the day centre: Rita Venskūnienė
Phone:  85267 06 93

Facebook: Visuomeninė organizacija vaikų ir jaunimo dienos centras „Mūsų nameliai“

Company code: 3000 12233
Bank account: LT19 4010 0441 0006 3261
JC DNB bankas, banko kodas 40100

Working hours:
I-IV 14-18 h
V 13-17 h
During school holidays:
I-V 13-17 h